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Hogtied With The New Leather Straps

Martin had ordered some new leather straps and wanted to use them today for the live show. I knew this so I dressed appropriately. I was naked in a pair of 6″ D’Orsay heels. Martin crushes my elbows and wrists and straps on the ball gag head harness real tight. He wasn’t even halfway done binding my arms before my feet started to hurt from standing in these heels. An arm binder was then slipped over my arms and and cinched them to the max, then hogties me on top of the pain table. What destroyed me in this position is the fact that my a leather strap was connect from my heels to the upper part of the arm binder itself. That, and the GAG!! I felt as though the head harness was dominating my face, I hated that it wasn’t nice big ball that I could wrap my lips around and drool over, and no matter which way I tilted my head, I couldn’t breathe. I was so painfully bound tight, I was choking myself, and every time my head grew tired and I dropped my chin too low, I laid myself in my own puddle of saliva. I was broken.

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