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Holy Trinity

Studio: Societysm

Trinity seems a bit timid, maybe shes new to this. Or maybe she has a reason to be. After all, shes a tiny, fragile little thing whos found herself in the hands of a giant brute. Shes accepted this assignment for a reason. Could it be a deeply buried need for some discipline and self examination? Ogres about to explore the reasons and he does so in his typical fashion. She takes her commands nervously, unsure of her actions…Her pussy is tight, ripe for the taking Another area that shall be plundered. Ogre spares no effort introducing her to the whip and Trinitys initiation begins. Like a being punished, she nervously braces for the lashings. Shes not tough as nails and thats for sure, and what we witness unfolding before our eyes, is a Master guiding his awakening slave down dark avenues she has never, ever envisioned exploring.

Format: mp4
Duration: 53:07
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