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Hooters Girl Rides the Horse 1-3

While at a restaurant a while back, I mentioned to my waitress that I was a photographer. She instantly perked up and asked if I would be interested in taking pics of her. I said sure, and that I had been looking for a model to pose on my horse. She seemed excited. I told her where to meet me and she seemed confused… she said, “You can have horses in that part of town?” I told her to come over right after her shift. The clip starts with rin seated in a chair. Her wrists are bound and a waist rope keeps her planted in the chair. She asked about the rope and I told her that she can’t ride the horse without being bound. When I bring out the harness gag she gets upset, but I’ve gone through to much trouble at this point so I strap it on. Before I do though, I grab her by her hair and squeeze her lovely tits for a bit. After the gag is in place, I slap her thighs a bit to see how effective the gag is as she squeals in protest. I rope her ankles and then tie them back to the chair. I enjoyed her reaction when I slapped her inner thighs, so I do it again. I get more rope and really bind her arms up tight, crushing her elbows and forearms together. Before I bring out the horse, I slap her thighs a little more. I also manhandle her for a while as well before I untie her ankles and her waist rope.

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