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I Came To Play (2014)

Starring: Heidi Hanson
Niches: BDSM

Heidi Hanson comes to us with a fantasy, the fantasy of being tied up and dominated. Although Heidi’s a very dirty girl in her personal life, she’s dreamed of being under the sexual control of another. Bound, helpless and maked to cum on command. Heidi thinks she might be a secret pain slut and would like the opportunity to be put to the test. “Push my limits,” she exclaims. Her hot sweaty nights sitting in front of the computer masturbating to internet bondage, wishing it was herself down on the ground. Her fantasy was finally about to come true and all it took was the desire to do so and one simple email that put her in touch with FetishNation.
At this time I think I need to point out that Heidi’s boyfriend was there. Heidi’s boyfriend also had a fantasy and that was to watch Heidi in bondage getting played with at the hands of another man. Girlfriends and or wife’s will often times do things for other people that they would never dream of doing with or for their partner. I don’t know why this is true I only know that it is. Also, I don’t know if this is the case with Heidi and her partner. I think more to the point is that he just wanted to watch Heidi be dommed by another man.
As it turns out Heidi Hanson’s fantasy brought to life revealed a few things about her. She has the makings of a first pain slut and she now has the desire for bondage, the orgasm’s she had while tied are the strongest she’d ever had in her whole life and there were lots and lots of orgasms. And being down on her knees licking my boots makes her wet. It’s very interesting what you can find out about a person in just an afternoon.

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