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If mom only knew how tight you had me tied up and gagged!

Genres: BDSM,string,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

The scene shifts next door earlier in the day. Sahye is wearing a rubber bathing cap, a bullet bra and very tight panty girdle. Her neighbor is tying her up with string because Sahrye asked him too. After he has her all tied up, Sahrye asks him what he plans to do with her. She is hoping he tells her, something naughty. But he tells her that he has other plans. Sahrye thinks she is having a nightmare when he tells her that he plans to sell her off as a sex slave. Before she can scream, he stuffs a very LARGE pair of panties in her mouth and then wraps clear tape very tightly around her face to gag her. The panties are packed in so tight that Sahrye can hardly make a sound as she struggles frantically to get loose. After a while, the man tells Sahrye that he isn’t really going to sell her. And he only told her that to scare her in hopes of getting her to struggle harder. But he also tells her that he is not going to untie her unless she can make her self cum in her panty girdle. When he ties a crotch string between her legs, Sahrye is more than up for the challenge. As she tugs on the crotch string and rolls around on the floor Sahrye starts to imagine to herself, what her woman would think if she only knew what the neighbor was doing to her little girl all tied up and gagged in his basement. Slowly she becomes more and more excited as she tugs on the tight crotch string until she works herself into a wild made orgasm.

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Duration: 14:20
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