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I’ll let you tie me up if you promise not to tell !

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Terra’s step sons came home to find her having sex with the mail man. She tried to deny that anything was happening. But that was hard to do. Especially since they caught her with her clothes off and the mail man on top of her. She knew they couldn’t wait to tell their . Especially since their relationship with step mom was not so good. She knew she needed to do something drastic. Then she remembered them one time in the past asking to tie her up. Of course at that time, she refused. So hoping this might work, she offered to let them tie her up. Much to Terra’s delight, they jumped at the opportunity and a short time Terra found herself tied up in the garage. But if she thought this was going to be an easy way out, she was soon going to find out she was wrong. Because after a short while they had her mouth stuffed with panties and gagged. Then they tied her with her legs apart to expose her panties. Terra tried to protest, but the gag made it impossible to talk. Finally after lifting her skirt all the way up her hip, they after pulled her bra down and left their step mom bouncing her big tits about as she struggled bound and gagged.

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