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Illustrious Rouge’s Dream 2 – Spread Eagle – Parts 1-2

As told by Illustrious Rouge I had another great dream the other night. Once again I found myself in an old rickety bed under a spotlight. The same man as before tossed a noose around my neck and then tied it off to the head board. Even though my hands were free, with my neck tied I was completely at his mercy, and I liked it. He took his time tying my wrists to the headboard, and then he tied my ankles together and tied them to the footboard. At this point it was rather nice. The ropes were not tight at all, especially compared to last time. I had a feeling that this might change though. He walked behind the headboard and shoved a big Ball in my mouth with a strap running through the middle which was buckled around my head. This was tight. He then quickly secured my left wrist. I was right the bondage started to get a little more stringent. He lifts my skimpy little tank top and starts groping and kneading my tits. He leaves. I can’t see him anymore, but I know he’s still watching me…

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