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In depth with Autumn

Part 1
I zap the heck out of Autumn’s cunt and asshole, with a focus on the particularly sensitive inside bits. She holds herself wide open for it, despite screaming and complaining every time it arcs.
Part 2
If Autumn wants to come while having her cunt spanked, she has to say something particularly naughty, or else I stop just short. She’s already sore from having an electrical toy used on the insides of her cunt, but has no trouble getting off fast and hard. She fondles my cock throughout, and I use the poky-zappy thing a bit more near the end, directly on her clit.
Part 3
I use a heavy mallet to pound extra-large dildos into Autumn’s cunt. She asks very nicely for it and comes hard several times. Very intense and very hot. The preview video is of the *smaller* of two cocks.
Part 4
Autumn gets her already red and sore cunt spanked, then I shove my cock into her unprepared asshole over and over. She comes hard, and you can see her pubic muscles spasming when I pull out. Near the end I make her shove four of her own fingers into her cunt while I fuck her, to make it even more of a stretch.

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Audio: 125kbps

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