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Insex – Theme & Variations (Ariel)

Studio: Insex
Cast: Ariel
Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber
Video language: English

Utilizing rope bondage, Ariel is put to the test through a series of strenuous positions and suspensions, all of which but one are variations of the hogtie.

As in a true “theme and variation” composition, the theme comes first.
Ariel begins lying on her stomach in a traditional hogtie, naked, wrists tied to ankles. Rope encircles the base of each of her bulbous beasts. The press of her weight flattens those breasts so that they bulge outward, the nipples squashed. Fingers drag her nipples forward. He slaps her face, ties down her waist, and begins tickling her. She squirms and begs him to stop. Her elbows are roped together until they touch, then tied off to her toes. Cloth stuffs her mouth. Her wrists, strung to the pulley, are drawn upward, her back arched into an extreme hogtie. Now the spheres of her breasts bobble freely. In this position, he alternates between the torment of tickling and the torture of caning her toes.

Lying on the floor, rope through her mouth, her arms have been raised above her head and then bound downward behind her back. Her tits are still bound. One ankle is tied and pulled back toward her wrists, creating a severe arch in her back. Her other ankle is pulled upward, parting her thighs, revealing her shaved pussy. Her genitals are understated, a narrow slit and tidy pink labia. A fat black dildo is shoved into that nice, neat cunt. She is simultaneously fucked and caned, her breasts jutting outward, the cheeks of her ass tightened by the stress of the position. The shiny, wet dildo glides in and out. When the leg that was tied upward is bound tightly back to her wrists, creating a full hogtie, the arch of her back deepens. Her breasts take on the aspect of balloons at a state fair.

Her arms bound in a Japanese cradle, she lies on her back. A rope suspension harness raises her into the air horizontally, her head and legs dangling. The rounded breasts are squeezed between ropes. The muscles of her neck form a lovely V where they attach to her collarbones. Once her hair is tied to her ankles, her body illustrates a retrograde hogtie, as in composing a fugue, the gentle arch of her body suspended, as though floating.

Format: real
Duration: 54:57
Video: 320×240, RV30
Audio: 43kbps

File size: 89.4 MB