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Interrogating the Ginseng Thief 1-3

Featuring: Rubee Rox

I have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ginseng root growing on my property that has been in the family for generations. As the root matures, the value of goes up exponentially. If I wait another 3 years, I can dig it all up and retire, but that’s if I can keep the thieves away. The thieves have been hiring pretty young girls to do the stealing as they can usually sweet talk their way out of any trouble and most land owners will fall for it, but not me. I caught this one earlier today. She hid her bag before I caught up to her, but I saw her with it earlier. I have taken her to one of my many campsites. I’ve asked her who she’s working for and where she hid the stolen root, but she isn’t talking. It is already dark by the time we reach the site. When we arrive, I push her up against a post and slap her ass for a while. I already have her wrists bound, so I lift her and slide her arms over a post. I then gag her with a huge white cloth and then I tape it in her mouth tightly. I strip her of her shorts and cut the nipples out of her shirt. I wrap a chain around her waist and then between her legs. It is pulled out and up to a tree and tightened until the chain is buried in Rubee’s pussy. I and roast a marshmallow over the campfire, as Rubee moans and yelps. After finishing my delicious treat, I pay Rubee some more attention. Her elbows are roped together and I add clamps to each side of her ample nipples, which accentuates them even more. I clasp a hand over her gagged mouth as I play with her hard nipples. I tighten her crotchchain even more, before leaving her to endure. When I return, I smack her ass a few times before I remove the clamps and loosen the chain..

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