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Isa Mendez Dominates Sex Slave Nikki Bell 8000k

Our BDSM dungeon is booked for a long time. Months! Some of the hottest lesbian Mistresses bring their sex slaves over for some lezdom fun, like the sexy yet mean Isa Mendez. Her sub slut training has paid well for her Mistress career, especially her rope bondage scenes. She brought us all a treat when she left Nikki Bell, the sweet young hottie, bound and tied up on the floor. Mistress Isa walks in after leaving her sex slave unattended for awhile. Isa comes off sweet, yet slaps Nikki’s pretty face to prove she does have a dark side, dropping loads of spit into Nikki’s mouth and face. She introduces Isa to her long and fat strapon dildo, making Nikki worship it between cock slaps. Nikki is a good girl and treats Isa’s massive rubber dick the way she instructs. Nikki takes it deep down her throat, practically skull fucked versus giving a blowjob. Isa loves watching her strapon disappear in Nikki’s mouth. We all want to see it open her pussy up. Isa takes care of it. She gets Nikki on the couch and teases her pussy with a few fingers, fingering her clit fast and hard, making Nikki flinch and beg to cum. You know the rule around here. All subs need to ask for permission to orgasm. She spanks her as well, enough to leave a few hand prints. Isa also makes Nikki eat out her asshole, teaching her how to properly rim a worthy Mistress like herself. Now for some deep rough fucking. Isa lubes Nikki’s pussy up, slaps on her big gag ball over Nikki’s mouth and sinks every inch of her strapon deep inside her pussy. Once Isa starts, she’s unstoppable. She pounds Nikki’s pussy in deep, balls to clit, doggy and missionary, using the rope around Nikki’s waist to pull her back hard and fast. This is lesbian domination and bondage at it’s hottest.

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