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It Makes It Better

Cast: Rebecca Blue

I found Rebecca a few years ago and I couldn’t wait to get her into my ropes, and once she was there… I wanted her to stay. Her body is tight, tan, and natural and she will put up with a lot of torment just to get to the orgasm at the end. She says it makes the orgasm better, so I plan on giving her the best she’s ever had…if not the orgasm, at least the journey towards it… I put her through humiliating circumstances, strict ties, and grueling torment to see if she wants an orgasm as bad as she says she does… I push her little body as hard as I can and then deny her the one thing she craves. I penetrate every hole she has and squeeze every drop out of her sopping wet pussy. What’s left is a worn out, overstimulated little submissive that is ready to do just as I say, when and how I say it….The Pope

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