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It’s Fun to Torture Polly, Parts 1-2

Polly anxiously waits standing against the post, wondering what I’m going to do to her today. She is both frightened and excited at the same time. After a short while, I pay her a visit. I roughly manhandle her… pulling her hair and groping her tits. I make her spread her legs as I run my hands over her thighs. I add a thick knotted crotchrope. It is pulled up and over a ring hanging from the ceiling. I pull up a chair underneath with a concrete block sitting on it. Her crotchrope is tied to it, before I remove the chair. The weight of the block is now being applied to Polly’s pussy. I grab her by her hair again and continue groping her. I pull her blouse up exposing her pretty tits. I get a little more rough now as I start slapping them hard as well as squeezing them. After a while of this, I run a rope through her huge ear holes and then around her neck and then around the post. I clamp her nipples with the green clamps. I leave her to endure the crotchrope, and I enjoy watching her expressions as she does…

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