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Jenna Foxx in Training

Jenna Foxx – Jenna Foxx is delightful, young, spritely, woman. She has a great smile and loves hamming it up. She also has an incredible body, topped with beautiful natural breasts…She has toyed with BDSM in her personal life, but mostly D/s, and being tied up and restrained inspired a good amount of anxiety in this happy young woman. I found that to be very attractive, and very sincere. Jenna’s eyes will tell the story of her journey. Possibly a bit confused about her own submissive predicament with Feenix as her dominant guide, and specfically confused with why we want to smash her breasts in the first scene…Feenix explains it all quite clearly, as she is being made to endure masochistic trals, at his hands, in order to help her better achieve a state of suffering for her top…In other words, to make her a better pain slut and cumfreak…We do believe there is hope for her, as her orgasms are very entertaining, and so is her suffering…Happy Holidays and peace to all kinksters, Ogre…

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