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Jennah Likes it More than She is Willing to Admit Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… A big pink shop rag is stuffed in her mouth and then sealed in with clear tape. I rope her ankle and then I tie it off to the top of the pole where I tied off her wrists. Soon after I snug up her crotchrope by tying a rope to it and tying it off at the top of the pole as well. Since she has a stripper pole in her house, I order her to dance for me. She moans, and whimpers through her gag as she tries to sway back and forth. I eventually untie her leg, and then some heavy clamps are added to her nipples. I get out more rope and I tightly tie her legs with many bands of rope as Jennah whimpers through her gag. I also redo her crotchrope, but this time I start with many turns of rope around her waist making sure to cinch it. Then a new tighter crotchrope is added. After her legs are satisfactorily bound, I take a break and just enjoy the view. After a while, I return. I remove the nipple clamps and then pinch her sore nipples. She screams and tries to jerk away, but she obviously isn’t going far. I sit her down in a chair as I continue to manhandle her. I untie her wrists and order her to put them behind her. She obeys. They are retied behind her back before I tie her tits up with very thin rope. Droplets of milk form on her nipples as her breasts are bound at their base and squeezed. This is where Part 2 ends.

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