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Jenny Mace warming up

Part 1
Jenny Mace warms up for Ultimate Hopcotch, with some spectacular bouncing. She starts out wearing the Most Unsupportive Top Ever (TM). We count the jumprope bounces until she falls out of it a couple times, for science. Then she takes a few test runs on the Ultimate Hopscotch course, with Tony on stopwatch- first with the top, then without.
Part 2
Timing Jenny Mace through the Ultimate Hopscotch course makes for some great bouncing breasts. Something I noticed was that a skilled person could kind of skim through a regular hopscotch course in a constant motion (thus less bouncing, which is sad). So I developed this alternate version, which maximizes the abrupt changes in direction and velocity (thus more bouncing, which is happy). Jenny’s got sensitive nipples, so adding various heavy clamps on her runs through made it quite intense. I shot some bonus footage using the 120fps mode in an iPhone 5s, making for smooth slow-motion that lets you see how much the added weight was yanking on her nipples with each bounce.
Part 3
We’ve been saving the surprise for Jenny Mace of what *really* makes this into the ultimate naked hopscotch course (besides the obstacles and the square layout carefully engineered to maximize uncomfortable bouncing). Finally the reveal- the obstacle she needs to squeeze through can be electrified! She carefully tries to navigate her tits above the lower of the electrified bars, but is then high enough that she zaps her back, so of course jerks away from the pain of that, which then drops her tits right down onto the crackling bar, which she flinches away from…
Part 4
Jenny Mace switches from crawling underneath the electrified rails on her way back to the hopscotch course, to climbing between the rails with her head pointed the other direction. This provides a) more challenge, and b) a spectacular view of her ass. And, in case that wasn’t enough, we add heavy metal clamps on her nipples (with some really cute moments of Tony attaching the clamps).
Part 5
We narrow the gap Jenny Mace needs to squeeze through, but she’s still willing to try it with clamps on. Also, holding her arms still at her sides means that her tits bounce even more spectacularly. The nipple clamps hurt, the zappy obstacle hurts, and she gets high as a kite on endorphins.
Part 6
Jenny Mace with her arms cuffed behind her back for Ultimate Hopscotch. It might have actually been a bad she’s pretty off balance going through the electrified obstacle, but there was no lasting damage to anything besides her dignity. It’s an awful predicament, and she looks great doing it. We try a couple different wrist arrangements with the handcuffs and have to abort one; her last run through is with her arms even more restrained in some rope bondage. I’m formulating a theory that the more immobilized a girl’s arms and torso are when she’s moving, the more bounce/jiggle there is. Further testing definitely required.

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