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Studio: Intotheattic

Naked and bound to a heavy wooden post she sits on a small block of wood attached to it. Her feet do not touch the ground. Her arms are bound back behind her and around the post. A thick black collar wraps around her neck and the wood. Shes already sweating from her arm pits as JR comes around to turn on the electrical power her pussy is sitting atop. The moment it comes on she starts to suck wind and grunt. When he ask her if she can feel it she tells him, “Fuck yeah!” JR walks back to get the single tail and returns to start laying into her chest. After the third strike she looks at him and says, “Fuck you.” He pays attention to those nipples, striking them repeatedly. Shed told him she can cum from having them played with. After the fifth strike shes grunting hard and her face is a contortion of pain. Her breathing is so rapid it sounds like shes hyperventilating. It is almost more than she can handle. He stops and rubs her clit and then lays right back into her nipples. She tries to rub them as she is pushed to her limit. She begs him to turn down the electricity, her body now glistening with a sweaty sheen. He tells her to look at you, The Viewer, and ask for it to stop. She belts it out, “Its too much electricity!!!” He turns it down for her and then starts back in on her chest.

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