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Knocked out tied up 04

Release Year: 2000
Cast: Tori Sinclair & Brooke
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

Two excellent models from our early years, Tori and Brooke, torment each other in these four exciting stories. Title featurs loads of chloroform scenes, a little bit of unconcious carrying/dragging, and plenty of on screen tying and gagging.
Rich girl Tori, looking lovely in a satin minidress and pantyhose is chloroformed by evil Brooke. She ends up bound to a chair and Brooke quickly gags her with packing and a cloth over her mouth. Tori is terrified when she learns she is being held for ransom. Later, Tori is forced to strip down to her sheer pantyhose. She is so humiliated, she does not notice Brooke who sneaks up and knocks her out with chloroform. Tori ends up bound on a bed. Brooke gags her with cloth between her teeth. Then, she blindfolds her and leaves.
Next, Tori is the villain and exquisite Brooke is the detective who becomes her victim. Brooke, looking luscious in a short sequined dress with stockings and heels, is chloroformed by Tori. On screen, Tori ties up the unconscious Brooke. When Brooke awakens, Tori quickly gags her with tape and leaves her. Brooke struggles hard, rolling around on the bed so much that her top comes down, revealing large, lovely breasts. There are also some good stocking foot shots. Tori returns and chloroforms Brooke, who is then carried to a chair by Tori and her henchman. When Brooke awakens, she is gagged with cloth and told that a bomb is ticking away nearby. Left alone, Brooke struggles hard and manages to escape certain death.
The curvy, busty bodies of Tori and Brooke look amazing in tight spandex outfits. The girls are at an audition when a thug sneaks up and chloroforms both of them at once. They wake up bound with rope and gagged with tape. They struggle for just a few seconds before another guy removes the tape from their mouths and chloroforms them again. They end up on a bed bound face to face, gagged with cloth. The ropes tying them together are not too tight but it is still wonderful watching their sexy bodies and tits rubbing together as they struggle.
Brooke and Tori look great in spandex catsuits in this goofy superheroine scene. Brooke is chloroformed by Tori and then tied up on screen while she is unconscious. She awakens and a cloth gag is quickly pulled between her teeth. After a bit of struggling, Brooke is chloroformed while still bound and gagged. She ends up seated on the floor, bound with wrists tied to ankles in front of her. Tori chloroforms her again and she is carried off by Tori and her henchman.
This is one of our older titles and, although this scene was shot many years ago, the visual quality is very good, but it has an amateur feel to it and is not up to our current standards. The chloroform scenes are very short and not shot very well and the bondage is not extremely strict but the scenes are still very exciting

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:00:11
Video: 638×480, MP4V, 1218kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 613.6 MB