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Knocked out tied up 13

Release Year: 2000
Cast: Tori Sinclair, Cory Lane, Darby & Karen
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

Tori has a disk with crucial information on it and Darby has got to have it. Tori hides the disk on her body and goes into the bathroom. Little does she suspect that Darby is hiding in the shower, waiting to chloroform her. Once Tori is unconscious, Darby ties her to the towel rack. When Tori comes to, Darby demands to know where the disk is. When Tori wont tell, Darby gags her with packing and tape. Toris struggling seems futile at first, but she manages to get out of her bonds. Tori chloroforms Darby while she is searching the house. When Darby wakes up, she tightly bound on the living room floor. Tori yanks her hair and gags her, leaving her alone to struggle. Darby remains tied on the floor and Tori gets knocked out with chloroform by an unidentified assailant. He takes the disk and leaves the girls tied up and struggling, naked on the bed. Although they are enemies, the two hotties try to get each others ropes off. Unfortunately the guy comes back and stops them. He decides a couple of gags will improve the situation – each girl gets a tight pantyhose cleave gag wrapped around her head. Once more they struggle for freedom, to no avail.
Cory is a private investigator going undercover to find out why models keep disappearing. She shows up to a model audition and unwittingly consumes a drugged beverage. Soon she is woozy and confused, and she slowly passes out right there on the carpet. The things the interview says to her as she loses consciousness are very creepy and convincing. Cory looks very hot in black leather pants. The interviewer/abductor ties her limp body with rope. She wakes up bound on the couch. The abductor returns to tape gag her and leaves her alone to struggle. When he returns later, he injects a potent knockout drug into the sole of her stockinged foot. She slowly passes out again. Cory wakes up wearing only her bra and pantyhose. She is tied with her hands over her head in the laundry room. She struggles futilely and looks very sexy. The abductor returns to tell her what grim fate awaits her now that she is the property of a slavery ring.
Karen sits in her living room reviewing some files when an intruder hits her over the head with a metal bar. She tries to crawl away but finally passes out. He skulks over to her, fondles her body, and ties her up. Then he stuffs a fat cleave gag in her mouth and leaves her there to struggle. Karen continues to struggle against her tight bonds, losing her shoes in the process. She manages to free herself and attempts to escape, but the intruder hits her on the head again. She falls to the floor and tries to crawl away, so he injects her with a potent knock out drug. He pulls up her top and fondles her. Karen comes to on the bed, hogtied and wearing only tan nylons. Her captor comes in to torment and gag her with her own pantyhose. She is left alone to struggle once more, but this time she does not escape

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 1:27:45
Video: 400×300, SVQ3, 543kbps

File size: 467.1 MB