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Lana Lane-Tie me up in Mom’s Girdle

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Lana is home from college for the weekend. Knowing her will be out all night, she decides to look through her things. This is when she finds out that her is into naughty kinky things like bondage. She also finds some very sexy clothes that she decides to try on. A short time later, Mom’s boyfriend comes over to find Lana dressed up in her ‘s clothing and playing with a ball gag. Lana has always had the “Hots” for mom’s man and since mom will not be home for the rest of the night, she decides she wants to play bondage. But when she asks the boyfriend to tie her up, he refuses. But little by little Lana breaks down his resistance and eventually he gives in. Lana is very turned on as the man adds more and more rope. Then she tells him that she needs to be gagged and he uses the ball gag to shut her up. But as the man continues to add rope, it starts to get painful. Especially now that he ties her elbows very tight. Then the ball gags get her to start drooling all over the place. It also starts to choke her. Lana no longer likes this game and tries to get the man to untie her. But since Lana asked for this and he isn’t about to let her change her mind. When he removes the ball gag, Lana pleads with him. But he quickly shuts her up again by stuffing a pair of mom’s panties in her mouth and tying a knotted rag between her teeth to gag her again. Although Lana is in pain and now choking on panties, she thinks to herself, what can be worse. “What if he pulls my panties down and fucks me” she starts to imagine and all of a sudden being bound helpless and gagged isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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Duration: 16:24
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