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Laststand Live Feed

Studio: Insex

Last Stand is the edited footage of OR beavers Live Feed from July 25-26, 2003. It begins with OR Beaver lying on a dirt floor inside of a metal silo. She is bound with cable ties. Her moans echo, bouncing off the walls. Wearing jeans and a white sleeveless T-shirt, she is filthy from the floor. Water sprays out, drenching her, matting her clothing to her skin.Then she is locked inside a metal box that is embedded in a rock retaining wall. Later, she seems to be headless, her neck imprisoned in a hole in the metal doors of the box, with her body outside, bent over. She is ordered to spread her ass and piss. The handle of a shovel is inserted into her cunt, giving her a glimpse of what is to come.Afterward, OR Beaver is bound to a chair, answering questions from the membership. Her ankles are shackled together. A cable tie is tightened about her toes. The first of two new pieces of equipment is tested on OR Beaver. A wide strangulation collar is tightened about her neck until her ability to speak is affected.She is stood up, a leather thong throttling her. Her clothes are cut off, her underwear stuffed into her mouth. Her pussy is a neat, clean shaven slit, two rounded lips concealing what lays beneath. Her mouth is taped and she is hogtied. He sits on the floor and lies her face in his lap, making her stimulate his cock through the fabric of his pants. Mr. Pogo fucks her. A cattle prod is used on her feet. She cries and sobs, the first of many such episodes throughout the live feed. Mr. Pogo is then used in her mouth. As she answers more questions, Mr. Pogo lies near her face. Every now and then, her tongue reaches out, caressing the tip.OR Beaver is locked into “Tylers Trolley”, as someone referred to the wheeled cart. Wooden stocks about her neck hold her in place. As she wheels herself around, she looks to be some kind of mechanical insect. She shows her pussy to the viewing audience, revealing a highly colored, reddish pink clitoris. Her hands are shackled together and chained behind her. Her ankles are similarly shackled and raised upward, locked to the ring at the front of the neck stocks. This leaves her quite open. He fingers her clit. She smiles. A dildo is inserted into her cunt, clamped in place by rigid pipe. She cannot move her pelvis. In the same manner, another dildo is inserted into her mouth. Two holes stuffed. OR Beaver cant move her head or her hips. Clamps pinch her nipples so tightly that a bead of clear fluid is squeezed out, dangling at the nipple tip. The clamps are tied to the sides of her wheeled trolley. A vibrator is placed upon her secretive clit, the inner labia now visible from the outside. Surprisingly, she cries. It appears that her clit is very sensitive. For women, over-stimulation of the clitoris is a peculiarly horrid torment, but very effective. To finish the scene, a cattle prod is used on her pussy. Tears of dread roll down her cheeks. She admits later that, though she dislikes caning, she would take a cane any day over the cattle prod.For the coup de grace, OR Beaver is chained and suspended in an appended spread-eagle position. First, she is flogged as she slowly turns in space. Then the cane appears. It is a heavy cane. She is given four severely wicked strokes. The welts rise within seconds, deeply grooved and highly colored. It takes her quite a long time to recover from each stroke, the waves of pain coursing through her body. She is flogged again, and she cries. At the end, she admits that she is glad it is all over.

Format: real
Duration: 2:25:41
Video: 320×240, RV30
Audio: 43kbps

File size: 237.2 MB