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Lil Karla – Pain Then Pleasure – Full HD 1080p

Sexy Lil Karla, a petite blue-eyed blonde, stands naked by her apartment window, flaunting a toned body with perfect breasts and shaved pussy. Her long hair is worn loose and her makeup is fresh and natural in the daylight. As she approaches her bed, she gathers up a bunch of wooden clothespins. Lying back on white cotton sheets, she clamps the pins onto her tender flesh, attaching the first two to her erect nipples, then more to the taut skin of her belly and the erotic contour where hip meets thigh. Then she winces as she clips multiple pins to her pussy lips and clit. She begins to masturbate, lacing her manicured fingers between the clothespins and sliding two inside of her juiced-up hole. As she humps her tight ass clear of the bed, her moans get louder. Then, one by one, she unclips her pussy pins. She sighs again, as sensation returns to her unpinched flesh. Then she fingers herself freely as she removes the remaining pins from her body. Squirming and quivering, she pleasures herself harder, head thrown back and body arched. Then she rolls over on all fours, head bowed low and cute buns in the air as she plows and spanks herself from the rear. Soon, she is lost in ecstasy, fingers a blur as her free hand claws at her rounded butt-cheeks. Splayed out on her back once again, she caresses her tits as she frigs her pussy to the edge of orgasm – then, she reattaches a clothespin to each nipple, whimpering with pleasure-pain as she screws herself over the brink. At last she cums, then unclips the pins with trembling hands before treating her sensitized body and swollen snatch to soothing caresses.

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