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LovinglyHandmadePornography – Tickling warmup with Endza

Part 1: Endza and I get warmed up during the beginning of what turned into an intense tickling scene. She’s fastened to my bed with arms and legs stretched out, but with a bit of motivation, it becomes clear that she’s got more stretch in her.
Part 2: Adding a bit of stakes to the tickling game, Endza enthusiastically agrees to try to stay silent (“Nothing louder than breaths”) for a full minute of tickling, in order to earn some time with a Hitachi.
Part 3: Endza earns time with the Hitachi by struggling really hard to stay entirely silent for a minute of tickling, but she regrets it. I set the vibrator directly against her clit, and explain that I don’t want to cheat her of the full minute she earned- any time she moves so it comes off her clit, I’ll restart the timer. Eventually I start being nicer, but then pull the Hitachi away right as she’s about to come.
Part 4: I continue giving Endza almost-orgasms, this time adding an electrical insertable. Eventually I let her ask very nicely, and don’t pull the vibrator away at the last moment.
Part 5: I push Endza harder with a good-sized Huse insertable in her cunt hooked up to an electrical power source. She gets some good orgasms out of it (and asks very nicely for one of them- you’d think she was afraid I’d pull the vibrator away). If you watch the little red Leds on the power box, you can get some sense of what it’s doing. If you’ve got one of that particular model yourself, I’m using the ‘orgasm’ program.
Part 6: I turn the electricity up in Endza’s cunt to the point that she’s occasionally screaming, then stuff my cock in her mouth. Once I get hard enough, there’s a certain point in her throat that she’s physically incapable of screaming around.

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