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Madalynn Raye-No one has to know, I let you tie me up!

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

He was home alone when his Dixie’s friend Madalyn Raye came over. ” Where is Dixie?” she asked. When he told her that she wasn’t home and wouldn’t be for a while, she told him that she wanted to stay and wait. Then she asked him if he wanted to do something fun. When he asked her “What kind of fun?” Madalyn went out to her car and brought in some rope. “I want you to tie me up!” she told him. At first he was very reluctant until she started taking her clothes off. Then when she was in just her bra, girdle and nylons, Madalyn told him that if he didn’t tie her up, she would run outside in her underwear, screaming for help. “You asked for it!” he told her as he grabbed her and her to her knees. He then used her rope to tie her up very tight. At this point, Madalyn was very turned on and happy. But this was soon going to change. When she saw him wadding up a pair of panties, she realized what he was going to do. Having no desire to be gagged, she tried to protest. But before she could say much, he stuffed and tied the panties in her mouth to gag Madalyn. At first, as Madalyn struggled with the gag, trying not to choke. But after a short while, she was again in a playful mood. Although her friend’s was much older than her, being tied up helpless like this really turned her on and she could hardly wait until he took advantage of her. But then things turned sour for her when he told her that he was going to go somewhere and leave her like this. But first he crotch roped and hogtied her. When he walked out the door, Madalyn squealed loud through the gag begging him to stay. Now as she found herself all alone, she struggled bound and gagged. This went on for sometime, until she heard someone walk in the door. It was her friend Dixie and Madalyn had a lot of explaining to do.

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