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Making Sure She Doesn’t Steal My Booze Again – Part 1

Illustrious Rouge is seated with her wrists bound behind her back. I long spreader bar keeps her shapely legs spread nicely. Her waist is bound to the chair as well. She struggles around testing her bonds, but she tries not to be to loud as she knows she’s in enough trouble as it is. You see the other day when I went to work she drank all my booze and then decided to take my bicycle out for a ride. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do know I have a bent rim now. Today she’s going to stay uncomfortably restrained and gagged while I am at work to insure that this doesn’t happen again. Soon I am strapping a big white ballgag in her mouth. I also have more rope. I start by wrapping rope around her chest. Once I have a nice chest harness applied, I remove her ballgag and stuff 2 huge pairs of panties in her mouth. I make sure they stay there, by wrapping her head with multiple wraps of gray tape. Next I tie some rope into each of her pigtails. I then snip away the fabric around her tits, so I can apply some clamps as part of her punishment. You can tell that she doesn’t like those green clamps at all. I tie her elbows together next. I take care of a few loose ends before Part 1 ends

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