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Mandy K is Shown Some Restraint, Parts 1-2

I got the Credit Card Statement today and my wife Mandy has been at it again. Hundreds of new purchases… skirts, shoes, purses… How many does she need? I love tying Mandy up, but she has never liked it. Today she is going to be tied tighter than she ever has before. It will serve 2 purposes. Number 1: I’m going to enjoy it very much. Number 2: mandy will hate it and maybe remember our little session today the next time she happens to be out shopping. I grab her by the hair and lead her into the hot garage with her wrists already tied. I then tie her upper and lower thighs as well as her calves. I then untie her wrists and pull her wrists up the middle of her back and tie her into a much more uncomfortable reverse prayer position. I add layers and layers of rope, enjoying every minute of it, while Mandy whines and complains. I tell her she can get the same clothes at the thrift stores, but she only wears designer clothes…

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