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Much Pain, Much Pleasure part 2

Holly is an incredible babe…a natural redhead with luscious natural tits, a small waist, wide hips, a flat stomach, a round ass and a hot pink orgasmic pussy…she has aspirations to be a Domme and sees her experiences on bottom as a must…she submits to the process for her own growth and our entertainment…I begin with Holly bent over and rigged to a spanking bench…I cut off her panties and flog her ass and back….she has a long day ahead of her and flogging is a great way to get the endorphins flowing…she’s going to need them all day….I clamp her nipples and tie them off…first I tease, the I mash the wand onto her cunt…Holly cums with no announcement…rude…one good cane stroke is all it takes to keep her asking permission for the rest of the day…In the next scene, Holly is kneeling atop a wooden box with her beautiful breasts smashed well in our device…a dildo is fixed inside her pussy…I hook her mouth open and begin her tit torture…flogging gets quite a reaction…then clamps with weights on her nipples…I tease and flog her pussy, then into an orgasmic frenzy…I rig the bottom half of her body to a spread bench and her hands in front…then the rig is pulled directly over her head, leaving Holly in an intense back arch…I tie off our tit smashers and hang weights from her pussy piercings…she doesnt like the heat gun at all…especially near those metal piercings…I stuff her cunt and watch her writhe through what must be very intense orgasms…and I keep her there until she’s spent…then down onto the ground with her upper body box tied…I rig her legs into winches and begin to split her…i stop to stuff her cunt with an inflatable dildo…then lay her back to be fully spread…the dildo wand combo once again turns our would be Domme into a helpless little cumslut…I nail her pussy piercings into the floor and leave her there

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