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Mya Mays – The Newbie Toy, Parts 1-4

Mya has dreamed about being tied up, but the notion of pain never really filtered through those fantasies…She bravely steps forward to subject herself to Feenix’s version of BDSM, and discovers how truly uncomfortable many of the activities feel…Her reactions are very sincere and border on complete surprise, none of them being more sincere than when she loses control of her pussy and wets our floor on many occasions. I think it’s safe to say that Mya had never held a vibrator to her own pussy passed orgasms. Feenix toys with this newbie, in an almost humorous fashion, as many of Mya’s reactions are pricelessly entertaining…In the end, she learns that she likes being tied up a lot, and learning to enjoy the pain is something very different…Ogre…

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