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No fair hitting my insides – Autumn

Part 1
Autumn’s complaint about how it’s no fair me hitting her insides is not for the reason you might expect. She’s been complaining about how paddling her cunt with a silicone paddle hurts, but she complains when I start hitting her insides because she’s embarrassed about how good it feels. Really I think she just likes to complain. This is our warmup.
Part 2
I am totally sympathetic to Autumn’s complaint about having an ice-cream headache in her labia. I am so sympathetic that I switch to using the cold steel rod in her ass instead. She especially likes being fucked hard with the sharp-feeling ridged end. The ‘delay’ she complains about is between when I do something, and when she sees it happening in the feed from the GoPro I’m wearing (she gets off on watching bad things happening to butts, so we thought it’d be neat if she could watch in real time).
Part 3
Autumn comes really hard from me fucking her asshole with a trailer hitch I heated in the oven. Making *sure* the metal was just the right temperature to feel unbearably hot but not damage tissue was tricky, but worth it! She gets off doubly by watching the whole thing as it’s happening, I’m piping the close-up from a worn GoPro to my phone in front of her.
Part 4
I alternate beating Autumn’s asshole with a stick, and fucking a hot trailer hitch all the way in and out to keep it wide open. She comes really hard, over and over, from both. Eventually she takes a turn beating her asshole herself. Normally she can’t quite get off that way because her coordination decreases as she approaches orgasm (which is some pretty fun frustration for me to watch). This time though, being able to watch the visual in realtime as she’s doing it boosts her turn-on enough to make the difference!

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