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OfficePerils Videos 2015, Part 3

Do you wish you had your own secretary? Is your fantasy to run your own kinky company? Peek inside the bondage world of Dynamic Inventory Diagnostics. Watch as Mr. Big Boss disciplines, rewards, and entertains the secretaries of D.I.D with the training help of head secretary, Elizabeth Andrews. Delve inside Ms. Andrews’ deviant latex day dreams as she fantasizes about the other secretaries in the office. Tight bondage, tight tape gags, strict leather ties, and more await you inside the office.
OfficePerils also features content from Tight and Shiny Bondagettes! Tight and Shiny features story lines, shiny spandex clothing, high heels and tight bondage. Join the bondagettes as they are f. to deal with their fetishes, have run-ins with the Corrupt Detective, or find themselves in precarious situations with no escape.

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