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Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh God, Oh God, Pleeeaaase, I’m Sorry 1-3

Featuring: Monica Jade

Monica is usually very polite and lady like, but lately she has been quite feisty and has had quite the potty mouth. I figure spending a hot afternoon in the barn will help tame her. Monica is seated in a chair backwards and already crotchroped as I bind her wrists. I rope her neck and tie it off the the chair, pulling her forward. You can tell bey her expressions that she does not like this at all, and we’re just getting started. I hairtie her, before shoving a huge white cloth in her mouth. Many wraps of black tape hold it in place. Her thighs and ankles are now bound to the chair as well. I tightly bind her elbows together, before attaching her wrists to an overhead barn hoist and raising her arms until stressed to the max. Her head is pulled back and her hair is tied back..

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