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The Unexpected Bondage Game


The Unexpected Bondage Game

At a kinky party, dominatrix Paige Richards is waiting to have a session when she’s confronted by a mysterious masked stranger. The brunette beauty is bound, ball-gagged and left to struggle while her captor waits for his chance to spirit her away. He returns and forces Paige into a large bag, then takes her to his lair. The feisty femme is compelled to wear black stockings, garters, high-heels, gloves and a choker as she’s bound, ball-gagged and trained to serve her new master. But all may not be as it seems in this game. – – – “The Undercover Game”: Wannabe-agent Karina Santos infiltrates a party to get the goods on a crime-lord. But the gorgeous lady is caught snooping, and her cover is blown. The sexy siren is kept bound and gagged to break her spirit and prepare her to be sold as a bondage slave on the black market. Poor Karina is auctioned off to the highest bidder, but what plans does her buyer have for the helpless beauty?



Bondage Maidens – The Satine Experience


Bondage Maidens – The Satine Experience
Sweet succulent submissive Satine. Come gaze upon her stunning beauty and her abject obedience as she is taken through the stern and forceful teachings of Master Warlock and master Ronnie Rock.

Suspended, Flogged, Spanked, Whipped and put into Stocks, Satine is taught the true meaning of discipline, her pussy and ass the canvas on which the lesson plan is drawn!



Harmony Concepts – Please Let Me Go


Harmony Concepts – Please Let Me Go
WHITNEY PRESCOTT plays a spy who is caught, tied and loses her shoes, courtesy of Eliot Shear. Following that exciting scene, Whitney is hogtied wearing a sundress and sandals, bound barefoot in her exercise gear and roped in bed wearing nothing but her tight jeans. Then Eliot and JULIA LEAHY play out two short domestic bondage scenarios which feature Julia as a barefoot damsel-in-distress and then as a girlfriend who carelessly tracks up the carpet with her dirty feet. Finally, California beach-bunny SUNSET THOMAS performs in a number of bare-chested, barefoot vignettes that feature on-screen gaggings and some duct-tape wrapping.


Cast: Whitney Prescott, Julia Leahy, Sunset Thomas



Harmony Concepts – The Steel Butterfly Lives!


Harmony Concepts – The Steel Butterfly Lives!
The BF-series’ most notorious Scoundrel is Back, and in top form! Looking for a way to prolong her life, the Steel Butterfly (Lorelei) purloins high-tech information from Andrea Neal, Heidi Lynne and Alicia Parks.But Alicia and detective Jessica Eden thwart her plot and send the Steel Butterfly to jail. The wily felon escapes and plots revenge for the busty blonde duo. Can this femme fatale succeed with her wicked scheme and become the world’s greatest criminal? A thrilling adventure with lots of on-screen tying makes this a tape no fan of barefoot beauties in bondage should miss!


Cast: Lorelei, Andrea Neal, Heidi Lynne, Jessica Eden, Alicia Parks



Harmony Concepts – Too Hot To Handle

Harmony Concepts – Too Hot To Handle

The Harmony “Girls of Summer” are running wild … Definitely in need of some control. In story # 1, Hollywood and Darby are recruits scheduled for some strict bondage simulation. Tough instructor Julie Simone ropes them again and again to pole gags, steel racks and whatever else she can find. Next up is Carolyn Monroe. She’s got a gorgeous face and a body built for Banner style bondage.Wait till you see her “Country Girl” look. Following are vignettes of Cory Lane, Sadie Belle and Tanya Danielle. Of course the ropes are extra tight … this is a Jack Banner video! Last is a short story featuring Alex Foxe and Anna Mills. These two start off fighting over a guy, but end up tying and touching each other … by the end they are the BEST of friends.All digital production with bonus “Hot Frames”

Starring: Hollywood, Tanya Danielle, Sadie Belle, Cory Lane, Carolyn Monroe, Darby Daniels, Alex Foxe, Anna Mills, Julie Simone

Harmony Concepts – The Business


Harmony Concepts – The Business
The Business and Bondage entertainment collide in this new Jack Banner Video. Hollywood has been hired by a “name” director for a bondage movie. The ropes get progressively tighter as she changes wardrobe and positions. Her last scene features a hogtie so tight she can’t move at all. Jewell gets a surprise for her birthday, an unannounced visit from Jack. Jewell is also roped tight as can be, and goes topless for her last two scenes. She is also gagged with some huge ballgags that must be seen to be believed. New model Nina Neon plays a very voluptuous bondage virgin who is tied for the first time on Jack’s “Real Bondage,” ending up topless as well. Last, super vixen Eve Ellis is chair tied by Jack and Darby, who tease her tightly tied body. You will not find women this beautiful tied this tightly anywhere else!


Starring: Hollywood, Jewell Marceau, Nina Neon, Eve Ellis, Darby Daniels