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DeviceBondage – Annika – Big Orgasms in Bondage


DeviceBondage – Annika – Big Orgasms in Bondage

She is stuck in doggy by wooden stocks. Her knees hard pressed and her weight on her wrists and neck. while the position wears her down the hard caning ramps her up only to be ass fucked into a strangulating orgasm. Bent back and metal strapped down, the unsuspecting soon to be pain slut is arched and spread. Her neck is chained and pulled back restraining her from seeing what’s about to happen to her. The zipper is methodically placed onto her sensitive skin and viciously ripped off to create an explosive orgasms. With her mouth filled with an over sized bit gag, Busty Annika is lifted off the ground by the sybian. Her ankles are locked tight pulling her pussy onto the vibrating machine and the nipple tuggers accentuate her big breasts. She is immobile and vibed into a pouring sweat.


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Harmony Concepts – Spellbinder Vs. Terrible Trixie Larue


Harmony Concepts – Spellbinder Vs. Terrible Trixie Larue
Allison Brach Returns as Spellbinder to Take on Wicked Darla Crane; buxom Brunette Eve Davis is Also on-hand to Endure inventive and rigorous bondages as “Terrible Trixie” Attempts to ensnare Harmony’s favorite heroine!



Alexa Crucified By The Cock


Alexa Crucified By The Cock
Blindfolded and bound by her master, Alexa is about to get a mouthful of hot cock from Mr. Nick Lang. She was a bad girl when her Master told her not to use her hands the last time she was bobbin on his banana, so Nick takes a stick and binds her to it crucifixion style. Alexa’s looking pretty solid in her black and white bustier and sleek heels, and she is enjoying each and every one of her masters commands. On her knees and just having her mouth stuffed like a turkey, and nope, no possibility to use those hands!
We return to the show and this time Alexa is propped on a bug red sofa prop and Nick is jammin a big black dildo in the vixens mouth! After a few licks of her mouthwatering nicely trimmed twat, he begins to enter her vagina with the black dildo. That sucker has a grip handle on it, for maximum thrust action! Resting the wooden stick on her legs while she is spread, high heels in the air, he penetrates her and she must keep the stick balanced, while the dildo hangs from her asshole and his fingers twiddle inside of her tang! As if that wasn’t enough she also gets a mouthful of dick! The stick is back across her arms and she gets bent over for another good dildo plowing from the rear to wrap up this wicked House of Taboo set!
Well, were back on scene and she’s still got those arms bound, and her legs too! Being dominated and humiliated, and obviously loving it! She’s being drilled from behind, with perfect views of her trimmed twat receiving its hard prick! Then like a good little slave girl she cleans the cum off Nick’s dick, or better yet, she’s forced to suck it off! Deep penetration in the reverse cowgirl with some super twat shots and hip gyrating ensue, all the while with her arms outstretched! Someones gonna be soar in the morning! But not as soar as her asshole when Nick jams his hard prick in their furiously in several deep penetration positions!! Turns into a SUPER creampie! But it’s not over until Alexa finishes it off with an ass to mouth tasting, and is left laying bound and worn the fuck out!



Harmony Concepts – Maiden America Vs Sinister Seductrix


Harmony Concepts – Maiden America Vs Sinister Seductrix
Amazonian goddess Kelly Ashton Makes her Debut Harmony as the Superheroine “Maiden America” Taking on out-of-shape veteran Harmony Jennifer West as the titular villainess. With blonde damsel Gigi as the innocent bystander trapped in the Terminatrix’s web.



Asians Bound & Fucked 5


Asians Bound & Fucked 5
The best in bondage, fetish and hardcore sex! We continue the incredibly hot ‘Asians Bound and Fucked’ series with sexy Lisa Mai in her first ever adult film! Not only is it this Asian sluts first time having sex on film but it is her first time in bondage! She is bound, gagged, whipped and fucked every which way but loose as this Cambodian cuties sets the scene on fire! In the bonus scene Siren Thorn is forced to cum in stocks!



The Trainer’s Dream


The Trainer’s Dream
During the practices the trainer has some kinky thoughts. 2 beautiful shaking asses give the impressions for him.

Scene 1: After a short warm-up the trainer comes onto the scene and ask the girls to start the first exercise: goose-running with high knees! The shaking asses take the trainer to another space where the dreams come true – Bounded girls get extreme caning in his mind.

Scene 2: “Tug of war” – the beauties grabbed the rope and started to pull it and the trainer started his extreme thoughts about whipping their tits.

Scene 3: “Arm Wrestling” – look at these two pussies and how they strain and look at the man who is in another space where he continues the whipping on their asses and backs.

Scene 4: “Press-Up in 4 steps” – the hardest part for the girls and the hardest thoughts in the trainer’s mind: he ties up the girls’ arms and gives single tail whipping and cropping to their whole beautifull bodies.



Harmony Concepts – The Danger Ladies


Harmony Concepts – The Danger Ladies
A Foreign Princess (Alicia Parks) is Being Held by an International Spy (Alexis Taylor), BUT the Danger Ladies are on the case.Unfortunately, Jewell Marceau and Jordann Scott both fall into Alexis’ clutches, and it’s up to La Femme Kelly to save them!Alexis is subdued, but she overpowers Krissy Taylor and Caroline Koh and escapes for revenge. The villainess catches Jordann and Jewell while they’re practicing their escape artist techniques, and Kelly comes to their rescue again. But Alexis is ready for her this time! Then a final twist finds the villainess and heroines all in dire peril!