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DeviceBondage – Ariel X and Dia Zerva


Device Bondage – Ariel X and Dia Zerva
Ariel X and Dia are fixed into one another. Ariel’s toned body is splayed out, legs frog tied open, arms bound down, and her mouth gag tied off to an ass hook. Dia’s ass is kept up by the ass hook, her body locked into doggy with a dildo gag planted in Ariel’s pussy. Any time Ariel or jerks her head, Dia instantly feels the oversized ass hook yank on her asshole. These two toned and fit bondage girls take the heaviest floggings and keep maintaining composure. Both are made to cum hard and squirt and left exhausted at the hands.


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Spandex disco queens in bondage

Spandex disco queens in bondage

Andrea is haltered, legging’d, roped, taped and ballgagged, in addition to that lycra armbinder she’s laced into. Stacy makes an absolutely stunning package in a sleek black ensemble, which contrasts nicely with the tight pink cord rendering her totally helpless; her ballgag is replaced on-camera with packing, a spandex hood, and a snug cleave-gag tied over the hood! In a storyline vignette, hot-bodied Stacy decides equally hot-bodied roommate Eve’s unhealthy fascination with a certain daytime talk-show host can only be cured with bondage therapy, but Stacy overlooks one significant detail that leads to her downfall. Shayna squirms delightfully in a skimpy, sexy green dancer outfit and matching ballgag; then the ultra-flexible, leopard-print clad Darby almost struggles free from a Bishop inspired rope wrap. The women are gorgeous, the outfits are tight, the bondage and gags are tighter, and the end result is an hour of steamy, squirming sensuality?



Harmony Concepts – Housebound: A Tribute to Marti Frazier


Harmony Concepts – Housebound: A Tribute to Marti Frazier
This remake of Bondage Supermodel Marti Frazier’s very popular Video is Really More of a tribute than an exact remake. Most of the important aspects that made the original “Housebound” so very exciting are in place. And Eve Ellis, after viewing the video and studying Marti’s acting style, declared she was up for the project – even understanding that we’d have to tie her much tighter than we usually do!The plot is a simple burglar storyline.Sharon, as the burglar, breaks in and ties Eve in order to rob her.Thoroughly bound and gagged Eve must watch as the burglar appraises each jewel as it is removed it from its jewelry box. The burglar taunts the bondaged, helpless housewife and then steals all of her most precious, most expensive jewels. Is that enough to satisfy the burglar?Unfortunately for our heroine, it is not. The burglar then begins to have real fun with housewife Eve, and changes her bondages and removes her clothing to further humiliate the lovely lady of the house. Appreciating the art of those who came before them, Eve and Sharon made this a hot one!



Leah Marie Tied


Leah Marie Tied
Leah recently turned 18 two years ago. She had never been tied, shocked, flogged, gagged, or spanked. So a first shoot where all this and more would happen was probably quite an experience for her.



Harmony Concepts – Escape


Harmony Concepts – Escape
The Fourth over-the-top Outing of Oak’s Outrageous series features Escape – in each segment beautiful bondagettes desperately try to get free of Their Restraints and gags. In “The Waiting Room,” Eve Ellis reads a magazine until a screw-loosed Sadie Belle ties (and handcuffs her to a bench), gags and taunts her on-screen! Next, the perfect damsel-in-distress-next-door Andrea Neal struggles to reach a phone and open a locked door while tightly bound and stuff-gagged! Then panty-clad Sabrina Stone tries to get away from her tormentor (Ikaras) who handcuffs, shackles and gags her on-screen! Another villain threatens the lovely duo of Sadie Belle and Samantha Scott with an explosive demise, while they’re struggling to escape!Tyler Scot is challenged to escape a plastic wrap and duct tape mummification – while pump-gagged! Eve Ellis wakes up in her bed haplessly b & g’d – struggling to hop to the door for a chance at freedom! Sexy secretary Angelique Lei is left b & g’d by a burglar in the office! Dressed in corset, panties and hose, Ruby Bordeaux attempts to reach a phone and rescue from her bonds! Some manage to escape (shown on-screen), others don’t – you’ll have to get this exceptional video to find out! (“My favorite situations combined with some of my favorite bondages!”? Oak)

Starring: Sadie Belle, Ruby Bordeaux, Eve Ellis, Angelique Lei, Andrea Neal, Tyler Scot, Samantha Scott, Sabrina Stone

Harmony Concepts – Unspoken Desires


Harmony Concepts – Unspoken Desires
Summer May be sweet, BUT When it Comes to desire, She’s no Angel Either. She envisions her beloved Alexis bound and gagged in a dark dungeon, taunted by smug Sarah Jane, while Summer has her way with gagged, gorgeous Ronnie Avignone, on the floor at Alexis’ feet! But even in fantasyland, Alexis can’t be kept restrained, and you can be sure that the three lusty ladies will be made to rethink their wanton ways …, but then again, it’s only a dream.


Starring: Summer Knight, Alexis Payne, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Ronnie Avignone



The Governator Pt II Nikki Daniels

The Governator Pt II Nikki Daniels
House is still is session and Governator is still in charge … Our maid is pressed further into action when she is bound to the bed. He passes the law when he mounts her and presses a vibe up against her clit. This housekeeper is definitely being pushed towards the boundaries of civil duty … Then for the final tally, she finds herself cuffed in a spreader bar, another little secret pulled from the bag of tricks … Spread wide and fucked mercilessly, this lovely innocent shall truly serve …