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Happy Ending Nicki Blue

Happy Ending Nicki Blue
Nicki’s ready for a little R & R, and she books an appointment with a local masseuse. Right off the bat, the initial meeting is awkward. Finding the gentleman who will be tending to her to be a tad strange, Nicki dismisses her feelings of nervousness in hopes she does indeed have a nice, session … After disrobing, she lays out on the table and her masseuse begins to tend to her needs. His soothing hands work over her body with lotion and Nicki begins to feel comfortable. This tale takes a twist however when she is bent and bound over the table. What was once a simple day at the spa, has suddenly become and exercise in power and pain …



Harmony Concepts – The Witch and the Witness

Harmony Concepts – The Witch and the Witness
Isaac W. seeks the assistance of vinyl-clad witch “Raven St. Marie” to bar key witness “Tabitha Katz” from making a court appearance. She casts the spell, and then Isaac ropes her to a chair. Poor unsuspecting Tabitha ends up bound and nearly naked on her bed, and later hogtied in a dress all due to the spell. Another interloper binds Raven on her floor, and as the plots converge, the women wind up bound back-to-back only in their panties. Every scene begins with a gal grabbed and hand-gagged! “Inventory” has “Connie Sims” making up for her chronic tardiness by offering herself to be repeatedly bound by her boss Nick Mandingo.She’s tied twice in the warehouse, to a chair and to a support, and twice in her bedroom, hogtied and ball-tied.Connie screams hysterically through her gags.



Harmony Concepts – Hostile Witness


Harmony Concepts – Hostile Witness

After Being rescued from the clutches of a rival syndicate, a Mobster’s personal assistant (Stacy Burke) is Scheduled to be Taken Into protective custody. The trouble is, she doesn’t want to go! She resists Officer Gloria Reyes, who has no choice but to bind and gag the blonde cutie until agents from the Protected Witness Program can collect her rebellious charge. The feisty femme struggles out of her bondage and overpowers the lovely Latina officer, then steals Gloria’s uniform so she can escape. Yet before she can flee, a thug breaks in, determined to get information out of Stacy … but he thinks the disguised Stacy is the law enforcement officer, and when Gloria can’t tell him what he wants to know he leaves them both to an unspeakable fate!



Harmony Concepts – The Secretary Princess

Harmony Concepts – The Secretary Princess
A Private Investigator (Jessica Eden) Informs Secretary Alicia Parks She’s Actually the Princess of a small Foreign country. The skeptical lady refuses to believe the sexy gumshoe, and Jessica must restrain Alicia to take her out of the country to claim her crown. But before she can spirit the rebellious royalty away, a government agent (newcomer Shayna Clark) arrives to take the new princess into protective custody. No one trusts anyone, and the trio vies for control of the situation, which leaves them open to an dangerous terrorist out to make certain Alicia never ascends the throne!