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Harmony Concepts – Military Secrets


Harmony Concepts – Military Secrets
While Searching for missing co-workers, an administrator for a Covert Government Agency (Johnni Black) questions nurse Andrea Neal, the Only Eyewitness to Their disappearance. But Andrea is secretly working with Alexis Taylor, an agent for the Nefarious Masters of Espionage, and they overpower the uniformed beauty. The unsuspecting military clerk is in way over her head as the bizarre, bondage-filled scheme unfolds with intrigue and double-crosses. This adventure also features Kelsie Chambers and a cameo appearance by Maria Vinello in military uniforms.Following the story is a vignette with blonde bombshell Stacy Burke in an adorable red French maid outfit.


Starring: Andrea Neal, Alexis Taylor, Kelsie Chambers, Maria Vinello, Stacy Burke



Harmony Concepts – The Detective’s Scrapbook


Harmony Concepts – The Detective’s Scrapbook
Private eye Tatiana Varga is from a long line of Detectives, and She talks about her illustrious family, Taking us through the 20th Century as We re-Live exciting scenes from her FOREFATHER’s cases. We begin with buxom Lady Roxanne (Roxy Rider) as the bait in Professors Ayresteel’s trap for his arch-nemesis, master detective Sherlock Paradise, then ninjas grab exotic Devin Demoore as part of an extortion plot (sorry, photos not available at press time) . Gorgeous Catalina L’Amour is a Golden Era Hollywood starlet nabbed as part of a publicity stunt that turns real, and it’s up to Nick Paradise to save her! Hard-boiled PI Sam Paradise is looking for Kelly Ashton in “The Case of the Missing Model,” and flower-children CJ Taylor and Tasha Archer hope Peter Paradise can free them when they get in over their head with some long-haired, radical lunatics. When nurse Kelsie Chambers gets caught in the middle of a fraud scheme, tough-as-nails Harry Paradise comes to her rescue, and Tatiana herself is caught when she goes undercover as a flight attendant to stop dangerous smugglers!


Cast: Tatiana Varga, Roxy Rider, Devin Demoore, Catalina L’Amour, Kelly Ashton, CJ Taylor, Tasha Archer, Kelsie Chambers



Harmony Concepts – Supertight


Harmony Concepts – Supertight

The King is Back spandex and it Did not Take HIM long to get Eve all Dressed up in red spandex and thoroughly restrained with cable Black Straps. Having her elbows tight together was only the beginning for Eve – then came the red hood, black ballgag and black leather posture collar! Shayna is enticingly clad in black lace lingerie and knee-high, lace-up boots for her strict chair tie. Her gag is changed from a thick, white cloth cleave gag to a black leather panel gag – and her top is removed. Darby is perched atop a chair and tightly trussed in a Japanese style bondage.Andrea Neal, dressed in a pretty, powder blue mini-dress is righteously roped into a hogtie and ballgagged. Her intense struggles cause her dress to ride up and her top to come down!Jewell Marceau is tied like she’s never been tied before in an elbows-together/feet-to-shins hogtie with a harness ballgag. For the bondage purist, this program is nothing but the real thing – beautiful women in truly tight bondage and silencing gags!


Stars: Eve Ellis, Jewell Marceau, Andrea Neal, Shayna Clark, Darby Daniels



Harmony Concepts – Prove It!


Harmony Concepts – Prove It!

This non-Stop rope-and-gag-packed frenzy features beauties titillatingly Being tied by Other beauties – BUT Also by Beasts Ikaras and Oak! Julie Simone is the delicious female bondager in two stories – “Spice Up Your Life” and “Neighbor Needs Binding” – tying up sexy struggling Sadie, Paige and Abby. Then Julie becomes taut bindee in a “stalk and capture” vignette followed by the grabbing and tying of Amber in the same unrelenting manner. Mary Jane is bound by an intruder – or is he her lover?! The incredible climax features the guys tying Sadie, Paige and Julie in standing spread eagles (and post tie)!


Starring: Julie Simone, Sadie Atkins, Abby Cameron, Amber Michaels, Paige Richards, Mary Jane



Harmony Concepts – The Persistent Pantyhose Perpetrator


Harmony Concepts – The Persistent Pantyhose Perpetrator
For all Who Did not get enough gorgeous pantyhose and stocking Bondage from the last SFC Video (like Me!), here’s Plenty More sexy hosiery on super sexy bondagettes! It’s an “OK” series video, so I also throw in high heels and lots of bonds and gags on Harmony’s most leggy supermodels, to feed our leg-loving fantasies! The main story finds Karina, Autumn and Carolyn at the mercy of the “Pantyhose Perpetrator”: the first pair get bound in hogties, a fold-tie and frog-tie, while Carolyn is stringently gagged and chair-tied. Sass and Amber S. also get tied while wearing pantyhose, and struggle to hop around in their bonds!Angelique and Zana are tightly hogtied, coincidentally (hee-hee) wearing stockings and pantyhose. Tanya struggles well while in her bound predicament, and Julie subjects Alexis to an extremely tight and unique chest harness tie. I’d bet the bondage ranch you’ll enjoy number 49-ten luscious lasses in a tantalizing preamble to milestone OK50!


Cast: Karina Santos, Autumn Woods, Carolyn Monroe, Tanya Danielle, Angelique Lei, Sass Lyn, Julie Simone, Amber Star, Alexis Taylor, Zana



Harmony Concepts – The Fumetti Company


Harmony Concepts – The Fumetti Company

Welcome to the Seventh installment of the provocative 2000 series – my most Outrageous!It’s an extra special feature, well befitting its double-O-seven designation. I won’t give away its unusual twist, but I will tell you that if you are familiar with the unique Italian “fumetti” format (comic books using photos instead of drawings), you will love its premise. I chose two of the best Harmony actresses I had at my disposal (or in disposal, if you get my drift) as my leads – Sadie and Sass – and they give truly terrific performances. Sadie even had the chance to make use of her knowledge of the Italian language …But before you think “what about the bondage?” – Stop! – It’s got a healthy overabundance of gags, bonds, intrigue, suspense, and of course, gorgeous Harmony bondagettes in stockings, heels, and everything you’ve come to expect from the best Harmony story driven productions. In addition to the perfectly pretty Sadie and buxom blonde Sass, ladies at the receiving end of the rope include riveting blondes Angelique and Ryan, the bountiful Summer, busty blonde Carolyn, and the other wonderful Sadie HH-Belle, of course!


Cast: Sadie Atkins, Sass Lyn, Angelique Lei, Ryan Conner, Summer Cummings, Carolyn Monroe, Sadie Belle