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American Damsels – Future Tension

American Damsels – Future Tension
Cast: Stacy Burke, Alexis Taylor, Cassandra Knight, Goldie Blair & Hollywood

In the near future, the world president’s wife (Stacy Burke) has been targeted for kidnapping by the World Crime Organization. When she decides to go out anyway, the New World Protection agents (Alexis Taylor and Cassandra Knight) guarding her decide to keep her bound and gagged for her own good. The busty blonde is gagged with tape and tightly bound with rubber strips, then Alexis is called away to search for the terrorists threatening Stacy.
The terrorists (Goldie Blair and Hollywood) capture Alexis, and then lure Cassandra into a trap, and the agents are left bound and gagged while the terrorists nab the unprotected first lady. When Stacy is left alone with the captive agents, they quickly get free and turn the tables on the terrorists. But their victory is short lived, and soon more terrorists arrive to wrap up the scheme, and all five women are left in dire peril!