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Kate Alton – The Beast Punishes Beauty, Parts 1-4

Kate is a very pretty woman …she’s been having BDSM fantasies for most of her life, and on this day, I get to make them come true…she is very willing, but she certainly enjoys not only being submissive, but being completely helpless at the hands of an aggressive beast…She responds well to my directions and demands, and her pussy responds well and wet to being invaded by my fingers…She endures very tight bondage, which she makes tighter by pulling very hard as I pleasure and punish her…her pristine beauty and sincere responses make Kate an submissive play partner…You won’t enjoy this one as much as I did, but still, Enjoy

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Video: 1280×720

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Cherie Deville – Submissive Goddess, Parts 1-4

Belle is back and this time Simon gets the chance to tie, tease and torment this scrumptious woman…In the first scene, her hands are pulled over head and she waits anxiously for his entrance…When he enters to take control, he exposes her private parts behind the lingerie…he clamps her nipples and tenderizes her body with floggers…Belle is then made to remain in a crawlling position with shackles and stocks. Locked into place, he clamps her tits and begins her pleasure with a vibrator placed from behind…Belle is made to rub the vibrator on her pussy until she cums…Then stretched on her tummy, Simon introduces her to fire play on her ass, thighs and back…In the final scene, her tits are tied tightly and she is laid back and spread on our wooden alter…Simon works her sensitive pussy and Belle is made to cum again…Ogre..

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Video: 1280×720

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Bailey Brooke – Bodacious Bailey Bratty In Bondage, Parts 1-4

For Bailey’s first shoot, she showed her very submissive side, but that is only one side of this exquisite creature…She chose a somewhat bratty path on this occasion, and I found it every bit as much fun, and even a bit more challenging….It’s sometimes nice to feel the conflict of a non-submissive masochist pushing back against the dominant’s will…With Bailey, it only lasted so long, and by the 3rd scene, her attitude and behavior take a noteworthy turn…another arousing update featuring this luscious babe….enjoy, Ogre..

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Video: 1920×1080

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WasteLand – Original movies – All videos of 2009

Goddess Starla was more than happy to play with her new slave who is locked in the stocks. For the first time, she has decided to bring her cuckolded husband Randy along so that he can assist her in a not so normal threesome of punishment. Starla, always cruel and rarely soft on her slaves, uses clothespins to spread her slave’s pussy wide open so that she can get a nice look as well as easy access. After cropping and canning Masidon’s ass cheeks until they have turned a nice crimson red, Goddess Starla has Randy pour candle wax on them. In the second half of this play date, Goddess Starla fucks her overly horny slave with a large strapon while having Randy hold, fondle and slap her.

Total size: 9.6 GB in 40 files.

Spanking Them Porn Videos Part 1 ( 10 scenes) MiniPack

Genres: Spanking
Video language: English

hy the hell is Dina nude, bent over the knee of this fury and getting a hard merciless spanking? Nothing special – she was too lazy to do her homework. A hard dose of the good smacks on her shivery buttocks and a really shameful masturbation by the order of her teacher are waiting for this college lazybones. Too hard punishment? Maybe. But this slut doesn’t look ready to become an A student. It seems as she would like to get the spanking lessons on a regular basis!

Total size: 2.2 GB in 10 files.

Best Collection video Studio “ChimeraBondage” – 25 Clips. Part 6.

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Next she places Tens electrode patches to each side of her breasts and places vibrating nipple clamps on each nipple, then a collar around her neck and gags herself and switches both Tens units on and adjusts the power until she jumps with a shock. Tracey now starts to encourage herself to go through with what she has planned – this takes a little time of self persuasion then she switches on the nipple clamp vibrators and starts to slowly increases the power of her breast tens – She starts to grit her teeth and breath heavy – Next she turns the anal tens up and she lets out a scream.

Total size: 1.9 GB in 24 files.

Best Collection video Studio “Insex 2000″ – 37 Clips.

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Insex was one of the biggest BDSM pornographic studio on the Internet and arguably the most extreme American pornographic production featuring female submissives. Insex video developed a cult following among BDSM enthusiasts due to its uncommonly severe and realistic depiction of sadomasochistic practices. One of the recurring themes of the videos was that models had to ask for permission before they had an orgasm during a scene. With a body and such flexibility this hot angel could achieve a lot in this life, but as lengthy as this babe is interested solely enjoyment.

Total size: 3.9 GB in 37 files.

India Summer Amateur Hour Revenge 480p (2017)

Video language: English

London River and O.T. are expecting a new face on Infernal Restraints today. From what London says she is a real professional, and London cautions O.T. not to be too rude to her and insult her or scare her away. He’s not so sure about the whole thing, but he’s willing to exert some self restraint if it will get the website some good content.

Format: mp4
Duration: 45:02
Video: 854×480, AVC (H.264), 1270kbps
Audio: 110kbps

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AsianaStarr New The Best Beautifull Collection. Part 5.

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

We’re coming to an end of the live show and I’m still gagged and hogtied with my arms in a reverse prayer. Mouth gagged with a big ball, drooling all over the table, crotch rope pulled to the ceiling, chest and legs off the table as well, and my wet hair making for an even tighter hair bondage. All the way to the end.

Total size: 4.5 GB in 27 files.