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Pains Sweet Embrace (2014)

Starring: Roxanne Hall
Categories: BDSM

Roxanne Hall doesn’t bottom in public much less on the internet, she only tops. Roxanne also has a very, very short list of people that she’ll let top her, fortunately this week I’m on that list and then filming the scene on top of that. Sometimes you just get lucky. Roxanne is gorgeous, sexy and yes and absolute pain slut with a love of canning that’s unmatched by almost anyone I know and when I say she goes there I really mean she goes there. Roxanne is one of those rare creatures that can actually orgasm from pain. Precise, exact pain, but pain none the less. The look in those beautiful eyes of hers is deep dark, extremely intense, sexually charged and simply amazing.
“I don’t do warm up”, Roxanne tells me with a look in her eyes that says bring it on bitch. It’s the look that only someone that really plays gets before a scene. It’s the look of “Make Me”. “Make me show you respect and why should I.” “If you’re going to top me, prove to me why I should bottom or even sub to you.” Hesitate or show weakness to someone like Roxanne when you’re playing with them and they instantly lose respect and eat you alive. That’s why it’s called “power exchange”. When it’s good it’s really good and with Roxanne it was really good.

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