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Penny’s Test

Part 1: Penny is groped and spanked for a while. I snip away her sweater exposing her nipples. I clamp them and tie them overhead as I crotchrope her. I then completely bind her legs. Penny is ballgagged as well.
Part 2: This clip starts where Part 1 ended. With Penny now seated I stand behind her and slap grope her tits… readying them for some bondage. I remove her gag and her neckrope and then I grab her by her hair with one hand and continue slap groping her tits with my other hand. I think they’re about ready to be tied. I gag Penny tightly with and Ace bandage and then I bind up her tits nice and tight. I take a few moments to slap flick her freshly bound tits before I start adding more rope. Soon I have her upper bound and her arms in a reverse prayer. I have another gag in mind before I hogtie her, so I remove her cleave gag. This is where Part 2 ends.
Part 3: This clip starts where Part 2 ended. I start by adding a nylon stocking over Penny’s head. I fit and strap on a harness ballgag next. I then finish binding her lower legs. Penny is then arched and tied into a very severe hogtie. She doesn’t really struggle at this point. In fact, between the brutal bondage and the gag straps around her throat, it takes all of her concentration to breathe. After a while I roll her on her side and leave her again. After being on her side a bit, I return. I play a bit with my helpless captive, before I clamp her nipples. After being silent, she finally starts to make some noise. She screams and yelps as I walk away again. It’s not long before I have to let Penny out though. She was having a very hard time breathing before and once the clamps are added, well, that just put Penny over the edge. Penny definitely passed her test, and overall is one of the best models I have worked with. Definitely looking forward to having her back!

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