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Playing With My Prize 1-2

I won Illustrious in a high stakes poker game. The clip starts with me and my prize walking down several long hallways. Illustrious is already tied and harness ballgagged. Her wrists and knees are bound and she is bound bent over with another rope tied to her gag, f. her head back. I’m taking her to my mancave for a little fun. Every once in a while, I stop and smack her ass. She’s not moving fast enough! We next see her standing with a rope tied to her gag and pulled overhead. It’s not long before I am behind her groping and squeezing her tits. I grab her blouse and rip it open. Now I continue groping her exposed tits. I continue to manhandle her. I lift her skirt and smack her ass. I grab her by her tit and spin her around using it as a handle. I use both hands and lift her off her feet using her tits as a handle as well. I remove her skirt and then I completely cut her blouse off. I get out more rope and start tying her a little more thoroughly. I add a chest harness and I also bind her ankles and feet. It takes all she can muster to maintain her balance…

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