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Plundered part 1

Ariel’s time with Ogre is sure to be a special one. Strapped into the chair, she is quickly introduced to his whip and this hard-bodied babe coos and moans as the leather says hello…Her shirt thrust open and clamps on those tits, Ariel is then subjected to the vibe as it plunders her pussy. A blindfold adds a nice touch and Ariel begs to cum as she grinds her cunt against the device…Next, draped over the arch, TENS pads in place, she twitches and writhes her way into a guttural, orgasmic tidal wave while her Master toys with her torso reflexes…Then, upright, black gauze covers her gaping mouth as Ogre once again brandishes the whip to redden her lovely pelvis…Still raw, Ariel then journeys into a blistering grand finale’ as she is spread and clamped tightly, a dong buried to the hilt. She’s not quite home yet though, she’ll soon discover as Ogre has a bit more suffering in store for her..

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Duration: 18:54
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