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Princess Penny

Cast: Penny Lee and Ariel Anderssen
Genres: rope bondage, ballgown, barefoot, satin, bedroom, silk, brunette, chains, metal bondage, cloth gag, collar, nude in metal, dungeon, ungagged
Video language: English

She often had strange dreams, where she was removed from her pampered life of luxury, and locked away at the mercy of a villainous captor. Intrigued by these visions, she one day found herself scouring the family’s library. Wearing nothing but a black strappy dress she had an elegant, almost ethereal beauty about her as she gracefully meandered about the room hunting for something of interest, and then she found it. A book that told many stories, stories of dragons and dungeons. Many of which were not too dissimilar from the ones her own mind had dreamt up…

Spending an evening locked in a dungeon may be enough to satisfy some peoples’ urges, but not for this Princess. Far from it, the previous days’ experience served only to further stir her interest. And so once again she is to be found in her chambers studying her favourite novel. Her long locks drape over her shoulder as she lay across her bed wearing a long, pink, figure-hugging dress.

This time the story told of a princess, not unlike her, imprisoned at the mercy of a guarding dragon. An image depicts a beautiful young woman stood bound to a stake, desperately waiting to be rescued. As she reads on her heart quickens, and her imagination begins to run away with itself. It occurs to her trying to recreate this scenario with her present has some obvious impracticalities, not to mention being ever so slightly perilous. But maybe there is a way to replicate it in a safer manner, her mind wonders as she delicately rubs her hands around her slender wrists, it is at this moment Ariel appears once again. Penny requests of her, “Oh, just the person, follow me! And bring some rope”.

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