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Punished For Being So Beautiful Misha Mayfair FHD

Release Year: 2018

Misha Mayfair began fantasising about bondage when she was 12. Around the same age, she started masturbating thinking about getting pissed on. You’ll have to watch her interview to find out how all that developed. She came along to her shoot for PSS wanting to be choked, slapped in the face, spat at, fucked in all three holes and spanked so she left with marks. She wanted to be degraded and humiliated. There was nothing on our check-list that she said no to.

She was also nervous. This wasn’t her first time having rough sub-dom sex, it wasn’t the first time she’d done a porn shoot (although she was still very new), and she subsidised her uni education with escorting. She didn’t even know whether the shoot would be all she hoped it would be, as she mentions in our chat with her after the scene. But she could, fingers crossed, be stepping into the lion’s den and it showed. Beautiful girl, yearning to get trashed, anxious – the perfect mix.

It’s helpful – and erotic – to know the order we shot her videos in. The main interview came first, as it always does. After that we did the photoshoot, the highlights of which we’ll be putting on Saturday as an extra. As you may have noticed, we like to mix things up a bit when we take the pics – tick the staged stuff off, then throw in a bit of proper fucking. After we’ve got the shots of her sucking my dick I come on strong, her all the way down while she’s frigging her clit. Welcome to PascalsSubSluts, Misha. Then Andy orders her to crawl to the camcorder and talk directly to you guys. I get in behind her and fuck her for the first time. Straight off the bat, we know we’ve got a winner. That mix of her being nervous, wanting to do a good job and getting so turned on by me suddenly domming her hard is there for all of you to see and it’s irresistible. Inbetween staged shots, I fuck her. Her eyes roll, she moans and gulps. When she rides me in reverse cowgirl, Andy directs her to slide up and down on me really slow so his shots are in focus. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s torturing her. At the end of the set, in , I spank her properly for the first time to see how hard she can take it and she can take it hard.

She puts her clothes back on and does her make-up again. It’s time for the solo vid. And for the first ten minutes things don’t go so well. The nerves are back. She’s on her own in front of the camcorder and there’s nowhere to hide. She tries to slide the big pink dildo inside her but she’s too dry. But these ten minutes are still worth your time as a prologue to what happens next. I step in to slap and choke her and she starts frigging herself crazily. I fingerfuck her and make her squirt then give her cunt back to her so she can finish herself off. She does, my fist clenched tight around her throat, her eyes bulging.

We do a quick pissing vid, which we later decide to use as the first few minutes of the scene itself. In the scene, we punish her for being the kind of stunning bitch who gets everything her own way and sneers down her nose at the legions of men who lust after her but fall short of her in the food chain. Which is a bit unfair because Misha’s a lovely girl and wouldn’t do that. But we’re pornographers and we’ve got a job to do. The scene sees her getting completely, no-holes-barred trashed for nearly an hour. At the end, we return to the bucket of piss and I pour it all over her. The last sound you hear is her laughter.

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