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Punished for Embezzlement 1-2

AJ came to me for punishment. Why would someone do that you ask… Well AJ has been involved in some shady business practices and now she feels guilty. She has paid me to punish her for her wrongdoings. In her mind she’ll be starting with a clean slate. I start off easy enough by binding her arms behind her back with rope. I’m not gentle about it though as you can tell by her yelps and whimpers as I roughly cinch evreything up tight. Once that is done I start slapping her tits with my hand. I then start spanking her ass with my hand. I then grab a leather strap and continue whipping her with it. She has to much movement, so I tie her chest harness overhead. I then continue whipping her ass and thighs. When I finally stop, It’s only to get a piece of equipment for phase 2. AJ looks on in horror as I roll in the pony. Featuring: AJ

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