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Rare Moments with Xandra

The young, the charming, the lovely Xandra Nicole…I met Xandra through her Master or, as Xandra refers to him, her Sir…a super cute local player, Xandra dabbled with fetish modelling and some BDSM work as well…she’s a rare one…so submissive and eager to please…I come in to tie her up and the Pope begins the interview…there’s lots of talking in this one..we ask for and get lots of feedback from Xandra…the mission is to test her…how does she do with D/s? how deos she do with bondage? S/M? How much can she take and how does she act when she breaks? We learn a lot about Xandra…She can cum easily, although the Pope doesnt allow her to…I actually interupt them to whip her…I always wanted to whip her tits…you know how it is when you wanna tie up your friend’s slaves? Ahhh, good times…The Pope and I double team her for some impact play, then some tag team tickling…Since Xandra has played before, but without much bondage experience, the Pope decides to suspend her…upside down, by one ankle…quite a test…Xandra is shakey, but she pulls it off and her naturally large breasts look incredible upside down…We did shoot Xandra few times after her inital Casting Couch shoot…and I’d like to think we might get her back again soon…if we don’t, treasure these rare moments with this super sexy lifestyle girl.

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