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Reaction shot with Candy

Part 1
Candy and I playing together for our first time, sort of; the first time we tried to do this scene, something went spectacularly sideways and I got some footage that opens the ‘When Things Go Wrong’ workshop I sometimes teach with a friend. It went much better this time, a week later- we warm up with some manhandling and me punching her chest and thighs. There’s also some good interview footage with Candy talking about what’s hot for her.
For folks that don’t know the story: Two Big Meanies is a site I ran years ago with my partner Lauren. I occasionally mix some of the best content from back then in here (look for things tagged ‘two big meanies’). It’s a bit different; pre-HD, more BDSM, and full camera crew. We were pretty passionate about showing connection in intense play, I’m carrying that torch forward with Lovingly Handmade Pornography.
Part 2
I put some tens pads on Candy’s thigh and just connect her to a simple tens unit. That means I can make her leg muscles contract, with frequency and degree controlled by a little box. I like the big complicated power units, but it’s amazing what you can do with just a pair of simple dials. Then I shift the pads to the juncture of her pubic mound and inner thighs, for control of some different muscles.
Part 3
Candy and I experiment with a tens unit running through a contact pad and a metal clothespin in various places on her cunt. I’m pretty mean about it, but she’s tough! She also processes better with something in her mouth; I put my thumb in with the agreement that I’ll get it back afterwards.
Part 4
Candy and I take advantage of some bondage equipment at a friend’s place to hoist her up to a convenient level for me to hurt her feet. I start out with the poky-zappy thing, then mix in a tiny stingy carbon-fiber cane.
Part 5
I hit Candy’s feet with assorted stingy implements while she cries and screams. It looks scary, but she’s a trooper and agrees to let me push her even harder.

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