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Real Spankings Institute – 4 Girls, 4 Straps

Four girls Alyssa, Kajira, Monica and Syrena are meeting with The Dean and are to receive a very long and intense punishment. After the group is made to expose themselves in various humiliating ways, each girl is then spanked with the strap. The first punishment is done with the girls bent over the table, bottoms bared. Each is strapped with a long skinny leather strap.
Following the long skinny strap, the girls are then told to remove their skirts, drop their panties and remove their shirts. They are then bent over and told to stand on their tippy toes with a slight bend in their knees for the next spanking with the leather strap with holes.
The girls are made to remove their panties and bras and hold their arms behind their backs. They are then ordered to bend over and not let anything touch the table for their next round of punishment. This time with the double layered strap.
Finally the girls are told to stand tall, presenting their bottoms for the last strapping with the stingy tawse. They are then left in time out, some girls in tears, with very sore, red bottoms.

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