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Restrainedelegance Videos – Ariel Anderssen, Part 1

Hello! I thought I’d write a quick little introduction about myself, so that those of you who are new to the site will know what I’m doing here, and why I’m in lots of the sets and videos on Restrained Elegance. So here is the mini-history…
When I started modelling, back in 2003, I already knew I was submissive, and in love with the of bondage, spanking, and roleplay. I’d never had the chance to try it, and when I discovered there were bondage sites like RE on the internet, I was very excited. So I contacted Hywel (the owner of Restrained Elegance) and asked him if I could try bondage modelling with him.
I loved shooting with Hywel – my fantasies are mostly quite melodramatic and romantic, so his style of photography suited the I had. We started working together more often, and as we got to know and trust each other, we got comfortable with experimenting with more intense BDSM We talked about me having my own website, but I preferred the of keeping my work on Restrained Elegance, so we created a series of videos called ‘Restrained Elegance Nights’ where we concentrated on harder BDSM. I worked with lots of other bondage producers all over the world, and had a great time. But I especially loved working here.
I wanted to be a proper slavegirl, so Hywel decided I could be the Restrained Elegance resident slavegirl. We thought this would mean that I’d take more responsibility at shoots and learn rigging and some other jobs so that I’d be more useful on days when I wasn’t modelling. Hywel got me my own slave collar and I was very happy. I started writing some of the stories to accompany photosets on the site, and I directed some of the RE videos.
Then everything got a bit more complicated. From working together and sharing a lot of hot BDSM experiences, Hywel and I realized we wanted to have a proper instead of just working together. We’ve lived together since 2008 and have run Restrained Elegance between us (he’s still in charge, but I split my time between being a professional model and being the RE resident model and assistant). I’m his slavegirl as well as the Restrained Elegance slavegirl, and I’m working along with him day-to-day to make this site as good as it can possibly be. RE is my home on the internet 馃檪

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