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Riley Gets Revenge on Rachel 1-2

Riley and Rachel are lesbian Lovers, but recently Rachel cheated on Riley. Riley wanted to break the entire thing off, but Rachel begged and agreed to do anything if Riley would stay. Riley agreed, but told her that she would have to atone for her loyalty infractions. Usually Rachel is dressed in a flannel shirt, baggy jeans, and tennis shoes or work boots. Riley hates this and things are going to change. She dresses her like a whore… stripper dress and fetish high heels. In addition she is made to wear a head harness muzzle. The clip starts with Rachel bound in the hallway of my workshop. Riley is leading her through the hallway by means of a crotchrope leash. Rachel’s ankles are bound so she has to hop along behind Riley. At some point her large tits bounce out of her flimsy garment. They arrive and Riley starts to untie Rachel’s elbows. I show up a few minutes later. Riley knows I’ve wanted to get my hands on Rachel for some time now and Riley needs help her her discipline so its a win win! We get her arms untied and then retie her wrists behind her back and around the post. Riley teases her as I start slappingrachels tits. She yelps and moans with each slap. The next thing I do is I crotchrope her and then run it through a hole in the post and tie it off. I keep adding rope as Riley continues slapping her tits and grabbing her ass. After a while we remove her muzzle gag. Riley interrogates her on who the other woman was as I continue binding her. In between lengths of rope, I stop and torment Rachelmyself… slapping her tits and face, and pulling her hair. Before long Rachel is sobbing… we don’t know if it’s because she is sorry for what she has done or if she’s not happy about her current situation. It doesn’t matter, Riley’s grin is evidence that she is enjoying seeing Rachel suffer. We cleave gag Rache very tightly but only for a few minutes. It seems that all her sobbing has clogged up her nose. I continue tying as Riley continues smiling, tit slapping, and taunting poor Rachel.

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